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Headquarter in Tehran with over 60 full-time professional staff working on projects, we have engineered and managed:

  • More than 20 Urban Planning projects. 
  • More than 40 Architectural, Construction and Management variety of Buildings (over 200.000 Sq.m  
  • More than 20 Grade Separation (Urban Intersection) included Steel and Concrete Bridges in various levels.  

Areas of Activity :

Rahan Sazeh is an ISO 9001:2008 Management system providing study, Design and Supervision Services in the field of Architecture, Urban plan, Retrofitting and Road projects.
Also ,  Rahan Sazeh is an ISO 9001:100002 :2004 Management of Customer Complaint Handling Process Providing Study , Design and Supervision Services in the field of Architecture , Urban Plan, Retrofitting and Road Projects.

The main activities include:

  • High rise Buildings Design 
  • Bridges Design 
  • Urban Planning  
  • Civil Design 
  • Hotel Design 
  • Tourism & Residential Town 
  • Management 


Our prime objective is to understand the requirements of our clients and to perform quality service for them on time and cost competitive prices.
Rahan Sazeh provides the following comprehensive range of services for implementation of projects:

  • Techno Economic Studies 
  • Technology Selection
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Design 
  • Construction Management / Construction

These services can be rendered on a sole basis or in any combination.


Rahan Sazeh Consultants Policy :

Integrated Management System :

Rahan Sazeh Consultants is committed to understand stakeholders needs and to provide services and products that conform to contractual requirements, comply with applicable codes, standards, laws and regulations, safety, occupational health and environmental considerations that are conducive to stakeholders satisfaction. 
In-line with human resource development, value management and business excellence, management of Rahan Sazeh Consultants performs periodic review of Integrated Management System for its effectiveness, continuing suitability, accident, ill health and pollution prevention and continual improvement and takes necessary preventive and corrective actions.


Rahan Sazeh Consultants is quite conscious about the importance of health, safety and the environment in all its activities and services and has adopted policies to reflect this.
We have an excellent record of safety and accident prevention during more than 18 years of professional practice.  This is due to the implementation of comprehensive safety procedures which are supported and enforced by company management. 
The health and safety policy statement of the company is set to :

  • Safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all employees and others who may be affected by the work.
  • Provide safe working environment.
  • Train personnel in safe working methods and practices.
  • Provide adequate accident preventive measures and first aid support at work.
  • Minimize lost time at work.
  • Provide and operate all plant and construction equipment in a safe manner at all times.
  • Provide safe services, designs and products.

The core of our philosophy towards the environment is based on preventive measures (rather than curative measures) to prevent and mitigate the environmental impact. Our Environmental Quality Management Program (EQMP) is in force at all company levels and operations.

Rahan Sazeh EQMP requires:

  • Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines required by relevant authorities having jurisdiction on environmental protection issues such as Department of the Environment (DOE.)
  • Minimizing the emissions and waste by application of environmental friendly technologies and processes, proper engineering design practice, and utilization of appropriate material.
  • Implementation of energy conservation methods.
  • Raising the awareness of employees to environmental issues by provision of information, instructions, education and supervision.
  • Raising the awareness of clients to environmental issues by provision of information and education



Rahan Sazeh has adopted PMBOK as its Project Management benchmark for development of a common lexicon for Project Management activities. Extensive training has been carried out within Rahan Sazeh and certain other stakeholders in this respect and basically most of the Project Management staff at Rahan Sazeh are familiar with PMBOK. There are currently 38 PMPs (Project Management Professional) certified by PMI in Rahan Sazeh.

Risk Management

Protecting the value of a project involves dealing with the uncertainty that will be associated with its delivery.  
We have adopted systematic Risk Management to maximize opportunities and values and minimize threats. Risk management as improved every aspect of our business and effectively saved time and money for all stakeholders.
Risk Management uses various set of statistical and analytic tools (modeling software) to produce value enhancement in our jobs.
For our projects, even the fast-track ones, there are often long and complicated processes in the supply chain. No matter how good a project schedule is or how well resources perform in the execution of tasks in that schedule, if critical dependencies associated with the project are not included in the description of the effort, they represent considerable risk to delivering project value.

Among most important factors, the following list remarkably applies to  most projects:
  • Design information holds and shortages
  • Late issuance of design documents
  • Late vendor data
  • Changes
  • Reworks
  • Delayed procurement
  • Contractual arguments

Risk Management has helped us minimize the impact of theses factors. It has reduced and minimized the flow of uncertainty in decisions.
As an essential precursor to implementing Risk Management we have clearly defined the goals of our projects, considering constraints and assumptions.
We identify risks to the main objectives of projects by incorporating previous projects Lessons Learned which are systematically provided and issued through Rahan Sazeh Quality Management System (RSQMS).

Risk Management is the continuing process of planning, identifying, quantifying, responding to and controlling risks to maximize the potential for the success of a project or an activity. It is a coherent and comprehensive approach to project management that encompasses and effects other processes and practices associated with project management as well.

Total Quality Management

Rahan Sazeh Consultants Integrated Management System establishment demonstrates the companys ability to consistently provide products and services that meet stakeholders, regulatory and other requirements in compliance with all applicable national laws, regulations and guidelines (including those related to HSE issues) and to be proactive to eliminate or minimize risks to employees and other interested parties who may be exposed to the risks associated with its activities and reduce, mitigate and control its significant impacts to the environment; beside its ability to conform with its stated policy.
The Integrated Management System applies to Rahan Sazeh Consultants offices and projects' construction sites, and covers Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Construction Management activities, products and services, in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 10002:2004.
IMS is aimed towards stakeholders (i.e. customers, people, shareholders, external partners and society) satisfaction and continual improvement.